Behind the Scenes: Chicago Field Museum

October 2016

3cool jars field museum-editedbird bones field museum editedunknown grad student field museum-edited.pngbeaver in jar field museum-editedPreserved beaver 

beetle books field museum-edited

bird drawer field museum edited

bird drawer of death editedbird field museum editedBird of paradise 

bird platter editedbirds in tray field museum editedbugs bare bones editedbird feet field museum editeddead bird dermestids editeddead bird field museum editedcoolasspicof birds field museum editeddead birds.pngfeathers field museum edited.pngfeeding cage field museum edited.pngfishies ina jar field museum-edited.pnginsect collection field museum-edited.pngconnie with ants field museum-editedlizards in jar field museum-edited.pngtermites in jar field museum-edited.pngTermites and their queen

torpedo bird field museum edited.pngtube worms in jar field museum-edited.pngCentipedes 


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