Medill Reports Puerto Rico 2017

February 2017

angel looking up pretty backgroundAngel Gonzalez gave us a tour of his sustainable farm, Finca P’achi Coquí Loquillo. ok pic of viewslug on leafZaida Robles, one of Gonzalez’s friends, unearths a slug as they dig up a yucca root. Zaida Robles looking up.png

One of Gonzalez’s friends, Zaida Robles, unearthed a slug as they dug up a giant yucca root. colorful bungalo on riverWaterway near Caño Martin Peña underneath long bridgehouses along lakeblack and white bridgeguardilla on bayOld San Juanblack and white baycactus close upblack and white lady sculptureSculptures and paintings by Puerto Rican artist, Samuel Lind. He told me I had “la mancha del platano,” and told me I was going to be famous someday. What a guy. green man large paintingwoman eating lightroots man scultpure head oneroded grass beachThe effects of the rising sea level can be seen clearly on the beaches of San Juanbeach through palm trees at nightFajardo sunset

katie interviewing piccachuKatie Watkins asks Pikachu some tough journalistic questions. kids on stilts dancingJust some kids “Dougie-ign” on stilts. old building fajardo.pngOld garden supply shop near Fajardo old zapateria near intercambios.pngAbandoned shoe store (Zapateria) near Fajardo tara pointing waves crashingTara Rodríguez Besosa owns El Departamento de la Comida in San Juan, a farm-to-table restaurant that serves healthy meals using ingredients from nearby community garden.

urban garden through fence


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